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What Challenges Does the Defense Face in a Burglary Case?

When most people hear the word “burglary”, they think of someone breaking and entering a house to steal something. However, the Nevada statutory definition of burglary is very broad. Sometimes, authorities charge defendants with burglary when the crime committed lacked the intent associated with what the justice system generally regards as burglary. By working with Read More

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Defending Embezzlement Charges

A recent report revealed that a member of the Fernley (Nevada) Youth Football League board of directors allegedly embezzled more than $24,000, and law enforcement has opened a criminal investigation into the matter. A discrepancy in the organization’s funds was found by the board last May, but a civil report was not filed until the Read More

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Five-Finger Discount: What Are the Penalties for Shoplifting in Nevada?

In 2001, a shoplifting case made the pages of almost every American newspaper and gossip column. The reason was that the suspect was actress Winona Ryder, who was then at the peak of her fame. Ryder walked out of Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, CA, with thousands of dollars of luxury clothing. Eventually, Ryder Read More

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