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What Challenges Does the Defense Face in a Burglary Case?

When most people hear the word “burglary”, they think of someone breaking and entering a house to steal something. However, the Nevada statutory definition of burglary is very broad. Sometimes, authorities charge defendants with burglary when the crime committed lacked the intent associated with what the justice system generally regards as burglary. By working with Read More

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When Do Nevada Courts Consider Assault and Battery Felonies?

People often get confused about the definitions of and differences between assault and battery charges. Assault is defined as an attempt to use physical force against someone else or intentionally making another person fear the threat of immediate bodily harm. By comparison, battery is defined as actually using physical force against another person. However, under Read More

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What is the Victim Impact Panel?

Anyone arrested for a DWI (driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol) in Reno, NV, should consult with an experienced attorney who can help you fight the charges. One of the penalties for first and second DWI offenses in Nevada is attending a Victim Impact Panel (VIP). Traditionally, when the state Read More

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New Cases Affecting Your Miranda Rights

Everyone has heard of Miranda rights. Anyone familiar with American television or movies has no doubt heard them intoned by actors playing police officers in crime dramas: You have the right to remain silent Your statements might be used against you in a court of law You have the right to an attorney The court Read More

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Defending Embezzlement Charges

A recent report revealed that a member of the Fernley (Nevada) Youth Football League board of directors allegedly embezzled more than $24,000, and law enforcement has opened a criminal investigation into the matter. A discrepancy in the organization’s funds was found by the board last May, but a civil report was not filed until the Read More

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Can I Be Arrested for Not Giving My Name to the Police?

The short answer is, If you live in Nevada, yes. Neither the Fourth nor Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides protection against arrest if you refuse to give your name to an investigating officer in Nevada. A Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy received a report of a man assaulting a woman. The deputy responded to Read More

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Mortgage Fraud Cases in Nevada

A former California resident was arrested in Las Vegas in August 2013 on a Reno warrant charging him with several kinds of theft charges and mortgage fraud. The Nevada Attorney General’s office cautioned that his alleged $300,000 fraud might only be the tip of the iceberg, and other victims might yet come forward with further Read More

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Animal Cruelty Laws in Nevada

The American Society for the Protection of Animals recently made national headlines in their rescue of hundreds of dogs chained up in horrible conditions and used in illegal dogfighting competitions. Most people love their pets and would never do anything to harm them. Pets are members of the family, but like children they require care Read More

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College-Bound Juveniles Should Petition to Seal Their Adjudications

It is widely recognized that juveniles make mistakes of judgment, which is why Nevada’s juvenile justice system is geared towards rehabilitation and deterrence rather than only punishment. In Nevada, your juvenile records are automatically sealed when you turn 21 except for certain crimes. However, most juveniles who are interested in pursuing higher education start college Read More

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The Differences between Stalking and Harassment

The Differences between Stalking and Harassment Stalking and harassment are both crimes in Nevada that cause fear to another person, but they are two very different offenses. What is Stalking? Stalking occurs when someone engages in a series of acts over a period of time that causes a reasonable person to feel intimidated, frightened, terrorized, Read More

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