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Defending Embezzlement Charges

A recent report revealed that a member of the Fernley (Nevada) Youth Football League board of directors allegedly embezzled more than $24,000, and law enforcement has opened a criminal investigation into the matter. A discrepancy in the organization’s funds was found by the board last May, but a civil report was not filed until the Read More

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Soliciting a Prostitute: How Much Trouble Are You In?

Soliciting a Prostitute: How Much Trouble Are You In? Ten men were arrested in Reno recently in a sting operation that targeted customers soliciting prostitutes. As part of that operation, two female undercover police officers disguised as prostitutes walked the streets over the course of five hours. When men approached them offering money for sex, Read More

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Selling Marijuana: How Harsh Are the Penalties in Nevada?

In Mesquite, Nevada, neighbors of 22-year-old Austin Ray called the police after seeing a parade of teenagers going in and out of his house. It turned out that Ray was allegedly selling marijuana. He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of sale. In order to prove that you intended to Read More

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Marijuana Possession in Nevada

A recent study found that marijuana is the most popular illegal drug worldwide. The key word here is “illegal.” As in all states except for Washington and Colorado, Nevada bans the possession and use of marijuana, except for authorized medical use. The Nevada statute states that to be charged for possession in the state, the Read More

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Cheating the Casino is a Crime in Nevada

A gambler at a Columbus, Ohio casino recently received a sentence of nine days in jail for cheating a local casino. He is the first person in Franklin County without a previous criminal record to go to jail for this offense since the casino opened. Under Nevada law, it is unlawful to cheat at gambling. Read More

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