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Nevada Making Headlines…Violent Crime in Nevada

The United States Peace Index, developed by the Institute for Economics & Peace to measure the cost of crime, shows that in 2012, Nevada had the third lowest peace index of all 50 states and was ranked as the worst state for violent crime. The Peace Index is formulated by applying statistics for the number Read More

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Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise in Nevada

Statistics released by the Reno Police Department show that prescription drug abuse is increasingly becoming a national problem. In fact, it is now seen as the second most significant drug issue in the United States. Emergency rooms across Nevada treated almost 4,000 cases of prescription drug abuse in 2010, of which 60 percent were female Read More

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What Happens if I am Found to Have Violated My Probation?

Fred Steese is serving a prison sentence in Florida for a parole violation committed in 1992. He was released from a Nevada jail in May — after more than 20 years — when a judge overturned his conviction for murder. Upon release, he was immediately taken to Florida to serve a possible three-year sentence for Read More

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Penalties for Reckless Driving in Nevada

Statistics released by the Nevada Judiciary show that in 2012, a total of 7,233 new cases of reckless driving were brought to municipal, justice and district courts across the state of Nevada. It is a good idea to be familiar with exactly what is considered reckless driving and what penalties you could face if you Read More

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Can I Get My Criminal Charge Expunged?

In some states, you may be able to get the record of a past misdemeanor or felony expunged or sealed. If your record is expunged, it is entirely removed from the system and can no longer be accessed at all. Having your record sealed, on the other hand, is a weaker remedy which removes access Read More

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How Do Appeals Differ from Criminal Trials?

When a court finds you guilty of a crime, you have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals follow a very different procedure than criminal trials, and it is wise to consult experienced attorneys in Reno, NV who are well versed in handling appeals. There are no intermediate appellate courts in Nevada, and the Nevada Read More

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What Makes the Crime One of Drug Trafficking?

Statistics published by the Nevada Department of Public Safety show that in 2011 law enforcement agencies made a total of 17,723 arrests for drug-related offenses in Nevada, of which 3,015 arrests were for the sale and manufacturing of drugs. In other words, these drug-related crimes contributed to more than 17 percent of all drug arrests Read More

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Double Jeopardy Decision Handed Down from Nevada Supreme Court

Leopoldo Gonzalez was accused of sexual assault and lewdness with a minor. The jury acquitted him on the lewdness charge, but was deadlocked on the count of sexual assault. The district court declared a mistrial due to the failure of the jury to reach a decision, and set a date for a new trial. Gonzalez Read More

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Nevada Burglary Rates Are Falling

Crime statistics show that while property crime rates in Reno between 1999 and 2009 were consistently above the United States average, from 2010 onwards they fell below the national average. In the same period, there was a general decrease in property crimes nationwide, and a significant decrease within Reno itself. The number of burglaries within Read More

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Should I Refuse to Take a Breath Test?

Breath testing devices of different styles and applications have been around since the late 1930s, and were introduced into mainstream policing of the roads since the 1970s. Breath testing devices work by checking the level of alcohol in your breath and then using a ratio of 1 to 2,100 — known as the partition ratio Read More

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