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What is the Victim Impact Panel?

Anyone arrested for a DWI (driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol) in Reno, NV, should consult with an experienced attorney who can help you fight the charges.

One of the penalties for first and second DWI offenses in Nevada is attending a Victim Impact Panel (VIP). Traditionally, when the state prosecuted offenders, victims had no role in the criminal justice process other than testifying in a case if that was part of the prosecution’s strategy for winning — and, sometimes, that didn’t even occur. Consequently, victims had no outlet for their frustrations, anger or emotional upsets.

A victim impact panel, or VIP, consists of victims or individuals who survive some type of criminal action. They share with others their experiences of being victimized e.g. they can talk about the adverse effects they experienced after a DWI accident. Such VIP panels provide an appropriate forum for this type of communication — and many speakers on these panels have reported therapeutic healing that allowed them to get over the feeling of being victimized.

Attending a VIP requires defendants to hear about the effects that drunk-driving accidents had on victims. The VIP is not a confrontational event but rather allows drivers to get the victim’s perspective as the victim describes the physical pain, emotional trauma and financial loss caused by the accident. The objective is to raise the defendant’s sensitivity and consideration for others.

When you face DWI charges, it is your Constitutional right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty and to obtain a DWI lawyer in Reno, NV who can defend your freedoms.

The Law Office of David R. Houston has decades of experience protecting clients’ rights in DWI cases. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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