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Assault and Battery

Effective Legal Defense of Assault and Battery Charges in Reno, NV

Skilled assault and battery attorney defending you against serious offenses

If charged with an assault and battery misdemeanor or felony, there is no question that you need a criminal defense lawyer with the experience and the credentials to properly lead your defense. When faced with serious consequences such as a long jail term, your key to minimizing charges leveled against you is an assault attorney with superior courtroom ability. The Law Office of David R. Houston participated as lead counsel in high profile cases such as Hulk Hogan and is prepared to defend you, too. Named Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year three years in a row by the Consumer Business Review, David Houston possesses litigation skills proven to enforce his clients’ rights in Nevada courts.

Assault and battery crimes in Nevada

Assault occurs when a person fears for unwanted, imminent bodily contact. Assault comes in several forms, including rape and molestation. If you are charged with this type of assault, you need a sexual harassment lawyer who knows how to litigate cases of a sensitive nature.

Battery results when someone inflicts undesired contact on another. A serious battery crime can even occur without injury or weapons, as long as there is illegal physical contact. Under Nevada law, certain individuals, such as firefighters, police officers, judges, and taxi drivers are part of a protected class of professionals. Any assault or battery offense committed against them increases the penalties associated with the criminal charge. Battery involving a minor constitutes child abuse, and assault against a spouse or immediate relative is classifiable as domestic violence. It is in your best interests to consult with a criminal law attorney if charged with an offense against anyone, especially if it relates to protected persons, children or a spouse.

Creating a strong defense

Penalties in Nevada for assault and battery offenses vary, depending on:

  • If it is a first time offense
  • If a criminal background exists
  • If the assault or battery involved weapons
  • If the assault or battery inflicted injury

At its best, a correct defense results in dismissal of the criminal charges. An assault attorney is necessary to build a strong defense and determine your available legal defenses. There may also be circumstances in Reno, NV a criminal defense lawyer can reveal to reduce the charge and related consequences.

Vigorous representation on criminal charges

With more than three decades of real world and trial litigation experience, the Law Office of David R. Houston uses a wide network of criminal justice professionals who build a solid defense case.  Our criminal defense law firm knows when to call expert witnesses to support your case and how to investigate the circumstances of your case with ease.

Providing focused assault and battery defense in Washoe County

Aggressive defense work is the key to protecting your rights and keeping you out of jail. Whether guilty or innocent, we provide you with a solid defense. Call the Law Office of David R. Houston to discuss assault or battery allegations at [In:phone] or contact us online. Based in downtown Reno, our law firm offers premium criminal defense in Reno, Nevada and the surrounding areas.

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