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Burglary Lawyer Providing Effective Defense in Reno, NV

Aggressive defense against burglary charges

For more than 30 years, the Law Office of David R. Houston has fiercely worked to protect you from self-incrimination in police questioning, provide your due process rights and ensure the overall fairness of the judicial process in criminal cases. We petition for bail and work with your family members to arrange your release while negotiations are taking place or until your trial. If charged with burglary in Reno, NV, contact a tenacious criminal lawyer familiar with the local courts and their players for a solid shot at preventing a conviction.

Burglary charges in Nevada explained

Under Nevada law, a burglary charge is successful if the prosecution proves you intended to commit a felony while entering a building or other structure. Because the prosecution’s case hinges on proving an intent beyond reasonable doubt, our job as your criminal defense attorney in Reno, NV is to demonstrate a reasonable doubt that an intention to commit a crime existed. Whether guilty or innocent, a lawyer with experience litigating before a Nevada jury and negotiating with prosecutors is a pillar of a successful defense. The Law Office of David R. Houston aggressively works to prove your innocence and avoid conviction of a crime you did not commit.

Types of burglary

Misdemeanor and felony burglary allegations are cornerstones of our criminal defense practice. Penalties for a conviction are serious, mandating jail time, fines and possibly forfeiture of property. Types of burglary offenses that require a lawyer for proper defense in Nevada include:

  • Residential burglary- breaking and entering into a home or apartment
  • Commercial burglary- breaking and entering into an office or commercial space
  • Home invasion burglary
  • Entering a vehicle or cargo container with an intention to steal
  • Burglary involving the use of a deadly weapon

Relentless and dedicated representation

As a proactive criminal law attorney in Reno, NV, the Law Office of David R. Houston begins investigating the circumstances surrounding your arrest, police questioning and criminal file as soon as we are retained as your defense counsel. Both inside and outside of the courtroom, David Houston fiercely advocates on your behalf. He takes the lead to

  • Negotiate for reduced criminal charges
  • File appropriate motions to suppress evidence
  • Subpoena witnesses with the purpose of rebutting the prosecution’s case.

Lending a compassionate ear, we understand the difficult and stressful times involved in such a case. We aim to ease your burden by taking care of your legal needs throughout the process.

Contact an experienced burglary defense litigator today

The Law Office of David R. Houston has provided effective criminal defense services for people accused of burglary in Reno and the surrounding areas for more than three decades. Call our burglary attorney to discuss the criminal allegations you are facing at 888-907-3384 or contact us online.

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